Ali Cameron

Ali Cameron is a hands on director with a love for telling real stories about real people. Her background in photographic art and journalism tints her work with an aesthetic that is simultaneously nostalgic, genuine, creative and experimental.  

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ali arrived in Australia in 1989 after spending her first years of life in Africa. These early years of transience and travel instilled a deep sense of curiosity, openness and an unfaltering desire to explore.

After working in Australia for a number of years, Ali dove into the fast paced world of the São Paulo film and photography industry. Working for production company Galeria Experiência, she has filmed and photographed a huge range of clients and projects including  Red Bull, Nike & LG. She worked as a freelance photojournalist for São Paulo’s largest newspaper Folha de São Paulo, producing work for their culture guide, magazine and daily journal. During her time in Brazil she was exposed to unique and innovative ways to approach film production amidst the South American market.

She is now based in Brisbane, Australia and is working as a director & photographer.

See her show reel HERE.




Davi Boarato has been working in the audio-visual market since 2007, and was a co-founder of production company Galeria Experiência. He has produced work in Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Ecuador, Turkey and the United States. "What makes me love this profession is the possibility to meet new people and visit places never imagined in every new project. The stories I experience and become a part of in each of these films are grand life lessons for me."

See his show reel HERE.   +61 423 811 804